Juice Prepaid Energy

Empowering customers with sustainable energy

With Juice Prepaid, customers take control of their accounts and their energy usage. They monitor their energy balance via web, mobile, or IVR and purchase how much energy they want, when they want. Customers can choose how and when they want to be notified of a low balance condition, and can make payments at a variety of convenient locations, over the phone, or via the internet, without having to visit the utility office. 

Juice Prepaid is meter agnostic, and is capable of simultaneous support for both AMI and STS metering technologies. 


Convenient vending is the key to a successful prepayment program. Juice Prepaid provides a wide range of vending options that work with our customers’ lifestyles. Typical prepayment customers top-up their accounts on a weekly basis, so we prioritize mobile and online vending options. 

However, because we know that customer circumstances vary widely, it’s important to provide as many prepayment vending options as we can. For customers who do not have credit card or internet access, cash payments are available.

Customer Vending Options
● POS Networks
● International Remittances
● Mobile & Web
● Banks, ATMs, & Kiosks

Debt Recovery

For overdue accounts, Juice Prepaid applies 20% of payments to legacy arrears.

When cut off from an essential service, customers have a higher incentive for theft. By keeping the customer active instead of disconnecting services for nonpayment, Juice gives customers a way to keep the lights on, while paying off debt.  

Disconnecting a traditional customer can also be an expensive process. The utility has to roll a truck to disconnect service and commit administrative resources towards collections. While the utility maybe able to charge service fees for these expenses, it's a lose-lose proposition in that the fees frequently don’t cover the true cost and the fees create additional hardship on the limited financial resources of the customer.

With Juice Prepaid, doubtful accounts turn into cash flow. When a customer signs up for prepay, the customer’s existing balance is transferred to Juice.Every time a customer makes a purchase, Juice will take a portion of the payment and apply it towards repayment of the arrears. Since customers areprepaying, future debt is being eliminated and cash flow is accelerated. This is a win-win for both the utility and the customer.

Customer Self-Service

Juice Prepaid allows customers to take control of how much energy they pay for and when they pay for it. We eliminate administrative and billing costs for utilities by transferring these services to the customer.  

JuicePrepaid allows customers to:
● Review energy usage
● Top-up accounts when they are low
● Pay at any point during the month, even multiple times during the month
● Pay via a vending medium that is convenient for them

SmartGrid ROI

Providing energy via a Smart Grid lowers energy costs for consumers while reducing administrative, management, and operations costs for distributors. 

Top ways our distributors see ROI:
No more monthly bill printing
On average, it costs from $1 to more than $3 per customer to create, deliver, and collec tmonthly utility bills. With Juice Prepaid, there's no monthly bill, and customers purchase energy when they want and in the amount they want. Customers receive continual feedback on usage and no longer live in fear of opening their utility bill.

Shorter customer services lines
Shorter lines means lower cost and happier customers. Many utilities face long lines and large numbers of in-person payments at customer service offices. And thoughJuice Prepaid customers typically purchase energy on a weekly basis, the vast majority of payments process through third-party channels, reducing the load on utility customer services offices.  

Fewer truck rolls
While most utilities charge fees for truck rolls, frequently these fees fail to cover the true cost of disconnecting overdue accounts. Disconnection fees charged to customers exacerbate the financial situation for customers struggling to pay their bill, usually resulting in the account staying the negative. With Juice Prepaid, the customer manages their own account, so if they are disconnected, they can make a payment to automatically reconnect the meter. No more truck roll fees.

PayG Solar

25% of the developing world population— 1.3 billion people, lack access to electricity. Off-grid solar energy offers a solution. Cheaper photovoltaics (PV) solar costs make it easier to provide off-grid solar than to expand traditional utility distribution networks. Whether the approach is to implement community solar grids or single-home PAYG solar, Juice Prepaid is key to making it financially viable. Our cloud-based Juice PAYG software allows you to deploy single-home solar units, or scale to fit larger utility needs.

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