Power to Change the World

Prepaid energy is the sustainable solution for energy poverty and energy debt

Prepaid Energy For All

Every community deserves affordable, sustainable energy access.

Developing economies and disenfranchised communities struggle to distribute energy efficiently and sustainably. A lack of infrastructure combined with the post-paid energy model leaves communities in the dark, in debt, and without the resources they need to fuel their families.

Why Go Prepaid?

Prepaid energy bolsters financial viability for utility providers while broadening energy access to low-income households in developing economies. Prepaid puts the power in the hands of consumers to decide how much energy they consume and how much energy they pay for.

Perks of Prepaid

Expand accessible energy to communities experiencing energy poverty
Reduce energy waste as households only use the energy they pay for
Diminish energy debt by eliminating non-payment in the post-paid energy model
Reduce electricity theft and corruptionSlash provider costs by eliminating in-person meter reading and simplifying the billing process


We are proud to provide both prepaid energy and metering solutions to our customers. Our goal is to give customers sustainable solutions that reduce energy poverty, empower consumers to adopt sustainable energy consumption habits, create profits for distributors, and reduce energy debt.

Juice Prepaid

Power When You Need It
With Juice Prepaid, consumers pay upfront for energy, allowing them to control how much they pay and when. Prepaid energy helps consumers to temper their consumption while maintaining a budget that works for them. Customers can top-up their balance at any time. No energy debt. No billing.

Utiliflex Metering

Equipment Where You Need It
With Utiliflex Metering, distributors can use existing AMI metering to monitor both prepaid and postpaid customers. We also offer a full line of AMI, prepaid electricity meters, and enclosures. We support leading manufacturers including Aclara, Clou, Conlog, Elster, Echelon, Itron, and Landis+Gyr.


Prepaid energy can lead to 35% reduction in energy consumption as consumers take ownership of their usage and adopt sustainable consumption habits to stay within their energy budget.


Prepaid meters help eradicate energy debt. By paying upfront, consumers only pay for the energy they can afford, saving distributors billing costs and the costs of enforcing payment of debt - if consumers can’t afford electricity, they don’t use it.


Energy debt can make it difficult for distributors to sustainably supply electricity to consumers. The prepaid energy model allows consumers to adopt more sustainable lifestyle choices as they only use the energy they have already paid for. Prepaid energy leads to a reduction in consumption while helping distributors recover costs.