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Juice Prepaid Features

Real-Time Billing

Break the monthly billing cycle. Customer balances are updated on a real-time basis upon payment, meter read, or other adjustment.

Arrears Recovery Plans

Juice Prepaid allows utility customers converting from postpayment to prepayment to remain connected while paying off legacy arrears balances.

Automated Alerts & Customer Communications

Customers receive low balances alerts, disconnection notices, and purchase receipts via push notifications to their mobile app or via SMS or email. Consumers can request balance information and redeem scratch cards.

App-Driven Customer Service

The Juice Prepaid consumer mobile app provides consumption and billing insights, and allows customers to top-up their balances online.

Payment Network Management

Easily offer convenient consumer top-up by leveraging Utiliflex’s existing partner payment channels, or using Juice’s robust API to add new channels.

International Remittances

Make it easier for dispersed families to help family at home pay bills by accepting mobile and online payments in USD and EUR.

Managed POS Interfaces

Juice Prepaid has integrated mobile app-based point-of-sale (POS) applications that allow distributors to designate and manage third-party vendors such as markets, convenience stores, gas stations, and banks.

STS Prepayment Software and Hardware

STS version 6 certified software and associated hardware.

AMI Metering Control

Ad hoc meter reading and control is available directly from the Juice platform, simplifying customer service.

Meter Data Management (MDM)

No need to buy a third-party MDM to do prepay. Juice Prepaid boasts core MDM functionality with support for all modern AMI metering systems included.

Loss Prevention Analytics

Built-in loss prevention analytics allows for identification of high loss circuits and load balancing.

Juice Vending API

The Juice Vending API allows utilities to easily add third-party payment networks. Distributors can quickly add POS coverage through mobile top-up locations, banks, mobile wallets, bill payment services, etc.

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Utiliflex Metering Options

In addition to Juice Prepaid Software, Utiliflex offers a full line of AMI, prepaid electricity meters, and enclosures. We support leading manufacturers including Aclara, Clou, Conlog, Elster, Echelon, Itron, and Landis+Gyr. AMI 8

Ansi AMI Meters

We can leverage a utility’s existing AMI metering infrastructure to provide prepayment service, eliminating the need to purchase specialized prepayment meters. This allows a utility to use standard meters on all residences regardless if the customer is prepaid or postpaid. Our platform is vendor neutral and supports all leading AMI meter manufacturers.

STS Token Meters

Our Juice Prepaid software is STS certified to be compliant with IEC-62055-41 and supports all STS compliant meters. A copy of our certification is available from the STS Association.


We support AMI prepay using European open-standard Distribution Line Message Specification (DLMS) protocol.

Prepaid Water Meters

USC's water management device (MD) is a low-cost, intelligent, electronic control valve that is capable of controlling the flow of water to a domestic consumer at full pressure. When linked to a pulse output water meter, it enables time and volume-based water flow control, leak and tamper detection, delinquent customers management, remote data capture and meter control, Automated Meter Reading (AMR) with the ability to provide water flow control, the essence of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

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