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We are proud to provide prepaid metering solutions to distribution utilities, microgrids and minigrids, and multi-tenant properties.

Distribution Utilities

Distribution Utilities (Discos) in developing markets face the challenge of providing access to electricity while managing non-technical losses such as the amount of energy consumed but not paid for, resulting in energy theft and debt non-payment. To be sustainable, Discos must successfully manage these losses.

Utilities are Struggling

Utilities currently face several barriers to providing sustainable energy solutions:
The cost to serve existing lower-income customers is high
Utilities deed to expand electric service within rural areas
Rising fuel costs makes unit losses increasingly painful
Limited energy generation limits utilities’ ability to supply energy to consumers
Utilities face mounting pressure to meet CO2 reduction targets

Advancements in Technology Make Prepayment Practical

The batch-based, monthly billing cycle is a relic of having to manually read each meter. The maturity of smart-metering technology allows for real-time billing. Based on real-time feedback, prepayment and self-serve billing puts the customer in control of how they use energy, and when and where they pay for energy.

Benefits for Distribution Utilities

Prepayment is a sustainable method to provide energy access to customers while mitigating non-technical losses, leading to less debt and less energy theft
Prepay automation reduces customer services costs
The reduction in working capital drives up smart grid return-on-investment

Benefits to Consumers

The consumer is in control of how much energy they consume and pay for
No deposits, no late fees, & no reconnection fees
Consumers have the ability to pay off past-due balances over time while maintaining energy service
Consumers are never surprised by large utility bill that they cannot afford
Consumers can purchase energy in small, frequent amounts that are easier to budget. Our average consumer tops-up 5.7 times per month
Real-time feedback allows the consumer to use energy wisely and drive down energy costs

Microgrids & Minigrids

Microgrids and minigrids service remote communities and developing economies. Oftentimes, central grid access is nonexistent or unreliable, and minigrids serve as the primary energy source for these communities. 

Meters used by these minigrids must be cost-effective, reliable, able to withstand wear and tear, and able to easily adjust to different operating conditions. These meters need to harness enough computing power to support diagnostics and prepayment capabilities - without internet connection of back-office support. 

Good. Another key point is that we leverage mobile phone top-up channels, allowing the developer to automate the meter-to-cash cycle (by leveraging mobile phone top-up networks). This is critical for the mini/micro-grid sustainability.

Benefits for Microgrids & Minigrids

Juice Prepaid leverages mobile top-up channels, allowing the developer to automate the meter-to-cash cycle, which is critical for sustainability
Prepayment is a sustainable model to recover capital expense and fund operations
Prepayment eliminates credit risk, post-paid infrastructure, and administration costs
Automation drives down operating costs
Prepayment drives conservation while providing customers with sustainable access to energy
Prepayment leverages mobile phones and mobile wallets for customer payments. This scalable, enterprise-class solution eliminates the need for deploying billing technology at each site
Cloud-based service erases the need for local technology infrastructure
Juice Prepaid is STS6 Certified for both power and water

Multi-Tenant Properties & Submetering

Energy prepayment reduces disconnection rates, and saves time and money by eliminating the need for metering of multi-tenant properties or submetered buildings.

Benefits for Multi-Tenant Properties & Submetering

Prepayment eliminates credit risk of tenants running up large utility bills and moving out, leaving the landlord responsible for the debt
Prepayment provides a method for dealing with transient tenants
Prepayment simplifies the management of utility expense recovery
Properties manage detailed data to better understand and manage their facility’s energy consumption
Energy prepayment drives energy conservation and promotes sustainability
Prepayment is more convenient for tenants as they don’t need to set up their own utility account and pay a deposit


Utiliflex is proud to serve utilities around the world - with an aggregate of over 15 million consumers. We have a 15-year track record of providing exceptional utility support and maintenance to our clients.

Our Numbers Do the Talking

● We have proven scale-up to 300,000 prepaid consumers per deployment
● Our average consumer buys power 5.7 times each month
● We dispatch over 3.8 million automated outbound customer communications each month
● Juice Prepaid Software manages 400,000 automated disconnect and reconnect cycles each month


Utiliflex is proud to deploy service in 26 countries across 5 continents.

North America

• United States

Central & South America

• Brazil
• Columbia
• Guyana
• Honduras


• Australia
• Philippines


• Benin
• Botswana
• Gabon
• Ghana
• Mozambique
• Namibia
• South Africa
• Tanzania
• Uganda
• Zimbabwe


• Aruba
• Bahamas
• Dominica
• Dominican Republic
• Jamaica
• St. Kitts
• St. Martin


• Cyprus


Serving utilities with an aggregate of over 15 million total consumers
Proven scale up to 300K prepaid consumers per deployment
Average consumer buys power 5.7 times per month
Over 3.8M automated outbound customer communications per month
400K automated disconnects/reconnects cycles per month
15 year track record of providing support and maintenance to our clients

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